Our Firm

Located for over 20 years in the heart of the historic Columbia Vista , Kirkland and King Financial, LLC, a full service financial services firm, established in 1982, is committed to helping individuals and businesses clearly identify and address their current and future financial and employee benefit planning needs.  As a provider of an  "advice-based" planning model, we act as advocates for our individual financial planning and business planning clients.  By working collaboratively with our clients, we help discover the most appropriate way to help address those needs.  As a firm, we realize each person or business brings their own unique set of needs that may require a different set of solutions.

As we work with individuals and businesses, we understand the intricate world of financial planning and the ever-changing world of employee benefits.  Ultimately, our goal is for you, our valued client, to feel that we are your advocate throughout the entire financial planning process, which includes having your needs identified and addressed through proper plan implementation.  Professionals of Kirkland and King Financial, LLC offer financial planning servcies as advisory represenatives through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc.

You can discover within our website our unique way of developing a comprehensive financial plan on our  page Addressing your Financial Planning Needs and our process for employee benefit needs planning from our page Employee Benefits Division.  Thank you for considering the services of the professionals of Kirkland and King Financial to advocate for your planning needs